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If you are currently in University/College and looking to seed your career with practical experience to back up your academic qualifications, MWD is a great place to start. We offer internships regularly to students from certain disciplines in Web Development, Programming, Graphic Designs and Sales/Marketing . As an intern, you will be exposed to valuable day to day experience and translate what you are learning in University/College into day to day professional life. Successful interns often receive post-graduation job offers with Gobran Technology.

Fresh Graduates

As a fresh graduate, you are ready to start your career and grow your professional knowledge. The experience you will gain working on projects will be knowledge you will carry with you for the rest of your career and form the foundation of your growth. As you successfully grow your career within Gobran Technology., talented staff will find opportunities globally and you will be able to manage and steer your career development into areas of interest to you. We offer almost limitless opportunities to graduates who are quick learners and who exhibit Team Gobran Technology. behaviors and attitudes. Email your resume to

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